The Linsmore deals with some Bad Company

The Linsmore deals with some Bad Company

Fans of older rock, you  have missed out on the inaugural opening show of Toronto newest tribute band, Rock Steady. With all the classic tribute bands out there today performing the likes of Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath, where are the bands performing 70’s Rock Legends Bad Company? Guess what Toronto, we have one now and they did their first ever gig at the Linsmore.

The Band is the brain child of Bass player Mike Hayes who noticed there were no tributes to this amazing 70’s Rock band, so he formed a group with veteran players and a solid singer. They hit the stage and began to warm up the crowd. Near the end of the first song the microphone died and began to create some heavy duty noise. They fixed the problem and did what they did best and that was to Rock Steady.

The set list was filled with not only amazing Bad company tunes like Rock and Roll Fantasy, Run with the pack and Shooting star, but they filled in Paul Rodgers history by going back to the days when he was in the band Free.  I loved hearing Wishing well again.  As the set was getting deeper, it seemed the vocalist was only getting better.  This band will definitely rock your world as they are Movin’ On from town to town.

Here are some images of Rock Steady:

As an added bonus, they had an opening act that consisted of Mike Krompass and Darren Smith from Harem Scarem. They did an acoustic set and opened with Roxy Roller then and went straight into Come Together. Darren’s banter with the audience was pretty cool as he did a heartfelt version of Don Henley’s Heart of the matter, and had the audience laughing with his original take of Tom Petty’s Free falling. He completely changed the lyrics and spoofed this song as well as Weird Al.

He did sneak in Sentimental Blvd, which is a Harem Scarem tune, and rocked it out at the end with AC/DC’s Shook me all night long and Van Halen’s -Ain’t talking ‘bout love.

Here are some images of Darren and Mike:

I can say it is too bad you missed such a fun evening of live music, but you couldn’t get into this sold out show anyway. Just make sure you check out the Linsmore’s event page and buy your tickets in advance.

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  1. Thank you so much for the write up. It was great to finally perform all of these classic hits for the fans! Glad everyone enjoyed it. It’s been a long time coming and hopefully many more shows to come 😃

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