The Legacy of the Beast

The Legacy of the Beast


How many times can you say Iron Maiden did it again? Well after this tour you will be saying it at least one more time. Iron Maiden hit the road to celebrate 40+ years of music and craftsmanship they have honed over time. This year’s theme seemed to have drawn battle lines in the sand and performed some old songs they haven’t played in a long while and threw in a couple of rare tunes I have never seen them do before.

The first five songs were dedicated to the battle weary past of War. Opening with, “Aces High”, that band hit the stage with a life-sized Spitfire plane flying above them. They went into another war torn song,” Where Eagles dare” to be followed by the classic “Two Minutes to Midnight”. “The Clansman” told the horrific tale of the struggle of the Scots many years ago, about protecting their land, thus introducing one the all-time favourites, “The Trooper”! This is the first moment where the audience is truly singing their hearts out while mascot, Eddie enters and has a very bombastic battle with the band. Bruce Dickenson stepped up to the plate and fenced with Eddie until even he was weary. Bruce then pulled out a flag with a gun hidden in it and shot Eddie in the head. Well, will that be the last we see of Eddie?

The show continued with a bunch of rarely played songs that any Maiden fan would get excited by. We saw “Revelations” turn into the “Greater Good of God”, another war song. The burnt down the “Wicker Man” put up the “Sign of the Cross”, and even soared with the “Flight of Icarus”. I can’t tell you the last time I saw this song live. Super well done and very dramatic as Icarus fell from the sky.

As the songs grew a little murkier you could feel the “Fear of the Dark” taking over. This is another great sing along for the crowd. Just as you were bathing in the energy of that song, The Beast showed up and his math added up to 666.Wow, two solid songs in a row, are we getting to the end of the show already. I said that to my co-pilot rocking out next to me. Right after bathing in that blood, the “Iron Maiden” showed up. This is their signature song letting us know we are near the end. It didn’t seem to matter; the crowd was revved up again and showing loyalty to the gigantic Eddie who made his new appearance known. Eddie was the Beast himself proceeding over the excited crowd. Who would make a great sacrifice for the alter of metal. Well it seems to be all of us and we went with a smile on our face.

I knew two of the three songs they had to do for the encore, but when they came back on and did “The Evil That Men Do”, I thought it was brilliant because of the nature of the War theme, a song about the schemers behind the scenes of war doing the unthinkable. We were then huddled down to the Gallows to, “Hallowed be thy Name”. This is my personal favourite song from Maiden. We all finished off like dying Indians with “Run to the hills”, which we did after the show. It was our final song to sing our hearts out to and Toronto did not disappoint. Like the perfect spoof as we left for the hills, you could hear Monty Pythons, “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”, playing to a very satisfied crowd of supposedly Devil Worshippers. Well I hate to burst the Bible’s bubble, but we were there to simply be entertained by the finest act Metal has to offer.


Here are some images from Iron Maiden’s performance: Photos by Stephen Krautch


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