The 905’s play in the 416

The 905’s play in the 416


From the opening note coming from a cramped stage in a basement of a Toronto Brewery, you know you are in for a good night of Rock. The 905’s are a garage band with Old School Punk Rock mixed with hint’s of New Wave right before New wave took over the 80’s.

The Lead singer- Andy Butler looks like a recycled mess of poor living, but somehow survived and is working on his healthy revival. He has all the old poses of a Punk Rocker who can still moves well after years of falling down.

The Bass Player- Ken Gibson, looks like a fellow who likes to stay home and watches ending hours of wrestling on T.V. as he consumes a case of his finest discount beer. If there was a mike in his face we would create belching sounds as backing vocals.

The Guitar Player- Mark Snoek simply looks like a mechanic by day. Who knows he may even be a blacksmith or a construction worker. As long as this guy can use his tool, he is a happy man. Ladies watch OUT!

On Drums is – Rob Borda is a happy Neanderthal behind the kit. Give this man something to hit and he will beat the shit out of it.

This makes for a perfect combination to a hard rocking meat and potatoes outfit. They are fun enough to get drunk women to swagger their stuff on the dance floor and loud enough to always get the neighbours to call the cops on them to shut down the noise.

The 905’s came out of hiding to play Duggan’s Brewery to promote their brand new release, “Sub Zero”. I will review this album very soon. It is worth buying just look at the green vinyl they pressed this recording on. Of course they played a lot of their new material. With songs like, “Cardboard World”, “Low”, and, “Highly Combustible”, you know this lo-fi group will get in your bones. Personally I loved, “Red Flags”, because of the emotional Vampire references. For good Canadian measure they even slipped in a little Teenage Head for our listening pleasure. The place was filled with devoted fans, but they could always use a few more for the next show.

I must end this little commentary with a shout out to the women who were wearing 905’s T-shirts and partying the night away. If you are lucky maybe Andy Butler will choose one of you to take home after the gig. You certainly made the evening fun. So there you have it boys and girls, lots of quality beer, dancing girls and no nonsense Rock and Roll are perfect ingredients for a great time.

Here are some images from The 905’s’ performance:

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To find out more about the 905’s new record go to…

Check out some quality brewski’s at Duggan’s…

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