Terry Draper – In the Beginning

Terry Draper – In the Beginning

With a Psychedelic opening and a slow drum beat, Terry Draper ushers in the past with the dawn of time for man and highlights some of the important moments of our history. He quickly changes the pace with “All Aboard”, a child-like tune about the adventures of Mr Mole and Ratty. This quickly brought me back to another fun song from the Klaatu album, “Magentalane”, with the songs Mrs Toad’s Cookies. This is the Terry Draper we all love to listen to. He is a masterful Pop craftsman with a huge imagination and can relate to our inner child as well as place us on a cerebral vacation with each of his songs.

If you didn’t know, Klaatu was a band in the 70’s that were heavily compared to the Beatles. Terry Draper was one third of the bands magic as they created a wonderful world of imagination. Terry still carries that magic today. In the Beginning is filled with 13 distinct songs that completely stand on their own. Its luminosity is that of a happy chameleon putting on a show for an animated audience.

A couple of highlights for me were, “Lost within you” that has you floating in a cloud filled space that you just don’t want to leave. “Diamonds of the Mind”, sneaks in an Indian sitar and brings you back to a psychedelic era filling up your kaleidoscope eyes. Terry even takes you into a history lesson with, “Sebastiano Elcano”, a song about a Spanish explorer.

I think this recording has a dual purpose to it. There seems to be a strong exploration theme to it, but the journey is both inward as it is outward.  It is both highly pensive in its reflections of the past; as it is an adventure that you look forward to.  I think Terry loves to be out on the water since there are varying nautical themes running through this colourful record. I love the last song, All Aborad(Reprise), because it wraps up the album nicely, just like the way Klaatu did it on their Magentalane album.

He even throws in a bonus track called “Lost at Sea”, which takes you on a darker journey, but I love the mid section of the song. It really has an Alan Parsons Project quality to it.

You should go discover this album for yourself. To do that, just click this link…


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