Spades GT- Sewer City Radio

Spades GT

Written by Joe Taylor

December 30, 2023

Review by Baby Butter

This is a pretty cut and dry review, even for a little chicken like me.If you love bands like, Motorhead, Anvil, The Offspring and even Ramones then you should buy this CD! It’s that simple!

The Opening songs “Hands” are about gambling just like Ace of Spades from Motorhead. It is a solid epic opening that will wring your neck like a weak turkey. Their music is straight forward and drives like steam Train that is truly steamed! 

“Cenobites”, feels like an Offspring song with all the hooks of singing Woah-Ah-Oh, and has a hand clapping section. I am sure this is a live favourite amongst fans.  “Final Girl” is a classic sound for teenage angst that comes straight from those slasher movies. “XS” is another classic drinking song that makes throwing up more fun that a barrel of tequila!

The entire album stays rock steady and doesn’t stray too far. The production is just right. It is not too raw and under produced like how some bands like it today. It is not too polished because you still want to feel this music belongs in the gutter, or in this case the sewers.

For you Die Hard Metal fans this is a great debut from a Barrie band that wants to make its mark in a very Heavy Metal market. Put this in your car and Cluck on down the highway.

You can find their music with a click of this link!

Spades GT | Spotify

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