Sound Chaser – Visions from the Present

Sound Chaser

Written by Joe Taylor

December 31, 2019

Let’s start today off with a Cd that has the artwork of Roger Dean, yes the Roger dean, who helped Yes with their album covers on the 1970’s. Let’s move to the Bands name, Sound Chaser, a reference to a Yes song off of the Relayer album. The title, “Visions from the Present”. Do you think we are about to review a progressive rock CD, well YES we are. I know what you are thinking, do these guys sound like Yes? Well the quick answer is no, they have their very own sound. At first you can hear the sprinklings of a ton of influences but that soon dissipates as you let their style take you over.

On the track, “Fast Track” you can clearly hear the flashy keyboard sounds of Art Griffen as he find himself juxtaposition to the heavily driven guitar sounds of Kelly Kereliuk, and in between the two of them is this Electric violin that keeps both of them at bay and in balance with the overall sound. This referee position is brought to you by the very sprite, Victoria Yeh. Of course the man behind the wheel and driving the courses on this Cd is drummer, Steve Negus.

The first thing you will quickly notice is that this is an all instrumental CD. There is no singer to mess with your brain cells with his heady cryptic lyrics. This music is fully driven based as if each song is its own road and you get to unwind and travel through it with an open mind. The more perfidious tune that will challenge you are pieces like, “Supersuit”, and “Nomadic Traveller”. They also bring some very thoughtful sounds to ease up on the driving and show you a wonderful landscape to enjoy like, “October Solace”, “Banyan Tree”, and “Ascension”. This is the kind of CD you need to bring with you on any road trip, weather it is with yourself or with passengers. Just put on the tune, “Happy place” and watch as everyone eases into this intangible aura of emotions.

What I like about this Cd is that Toronto is not too well known for solid progressive rock, except for Rush and a couple of other bands. This is the kind of CD, progressive fans should gather around and feel good about. It will raise the bar for other Toronto acts to play their stuff a little louder and get heard throughout the city. I cannot wait to see where Sound chaser takes us next.

For you progressive fans, here is Sound Chaser’s Facebook page, enjoy…

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