Solid Wall of Thick Metal


Written by Joe Taylor

April 18, 2019

The Hard luck bar was packed with both drooling metal heads and young excited Iron maidens waiting for a unique act from Montreal. You will understand this first sentence a little later. First up was a band called Polarity. They were a sturdy Metal band that had a unique lead singer. Most people would expect the singer to have a crazy powerful voice that would shatter the ceiling. In this case there was a sweet young lady full delightful energy singing her heart out without all the crazy gymnastics that go along with this kind of sound. She flickered and flitted through the crowd giving off some kind of hippie peace energy. She sung about positivity and individualism, while the guitar player was off giving us his best Rock poses. She may have called herself a black sheep, but she was the light that started this party.

Here are some images from Polarity’s performance:

Iomair was the next band on and they were the polar opposite of Polarity. They came on like a bunch of crazed beasts that created a hypnotic journey into depravity. The singer was in your face with his throaty stranglehold wrapped around your head. This was enough to get the packed audience up into a frenzy,  and eventually burst into a full blown Mosh pit. Even with this insanity going on a very small female violin player added a new sound to this bands Death cries. They played all new song from their self titled debut CD.

Here are some images from Iomair’s performance:

Then the moment everyone was waiting for. The Agonist hit the stage and the room crowded tightly in for a better look. The young women came to view their female champion and the boys were making hearts with their hands trying to get the singers attention. Singer Vicky Psarakis impressed the crowd with a solid mix of operatic vocals as well as a lot guttural nose as well. She can do what the big boys can do, and everyone was reveling with this fact. The energy was so high that wind machines were placed to keep them cool and it also looks really when their hair is just simply flying around. The best part of the evening was that Toronto did not disappoint. They were having as much fun as the band. They hung onto to every song and pumped out their own ride into ecstasy.

Here are some images from The Agonist’s performance:

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The Axis Club got FAF’ed!!!

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