Solid Stone

Solid Stone

To be completely honest I did not know who Allen Stone was before the show. Clearly he has loyal fans that wanted to get up and party with him. Allen has pure pop sensibility and has a clear understanding of blending it with soulful ideas. He has a clean and clear vocal range that is incredibly pleasing to listen to. His looks kind of remind me of friendly Ted Nugent that couldn’t even hurt a teddy bear.

Allen encouraged the audience to do whatever they wanted to do, So a lot of people got up danced while others we comfortable swaying in their seats. You just felt this happy go lucky energy flowing around in the room. Even fans who were being bombarded by some heavy rain, didn’t seem to mind partying in the wetness.

Fans were telling me before the show, that Allen has this great high pitched voice. When he delivers it at the right moment, he actually shocks your system, and brings you to a new level of living. Allen is on his way to becoming a new soulful voice for the new generation. I would like to see him grow and spread joy to those who seek joy.

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