Sigur Ros – Sonic Pilots

Sigur Ros – Sonic Pilots

I was standing in the box office waiting for my media pass, and all I can hear is one person after another say how excited they were to bear witness to, at Massey hall, the very sonic Sigur Ros. This is a perfect band in a perfect venue. Everybody knows they are entering an arena of pure emotional exploration and spiritual awareness.

The first few songs were dark and moody and solemn, with a lingering helping of foreboding loneliness. Then you could witness the musical landscape changing with some hope. The fourth song, with its beautiful light show began to really connect with every soul in Massey Hall.

The band could weave in and out of emotional patterns. They could journey inwardly reaching some of your deeper sensitivity as well as thrust you out into the universe for profound explorations.

Sigur Ros became an expert emotional pilot and the audience sat openly looking out the windows of their own soul. Near the end of the first set you can feel the band opening up and making a plea for something better to happen in this world. The drummer, Orri moved over to the keyboards and quietly finished off the message.

The second set started off very strong with a dark brooding song that placed you inside War. The stage lit up with what looked liked bullets flying out into the audience. It didn’t help that the band stood behind a large fenced off area and played, leaving everyone venerable.  The next song came from the same isolated area, but you could now feel the healing energy coming through and bring our spirit back to a happier station. Then the gate began to raise and wonderful imagery and colours unfurled, the universe began to invite you into Sigur Ros’ beautiful land. It was a moment of pure magic.

Jonsi was truly holding court with his ethereal voice that feels like this was a true gift from the universe; and Man can he hold a note! He could make you weep with his forlorn angelic lull fullness and wow you with when he begins to wail like a surreal banshee.

The journey this band can take you through can be highly reflective or they can teeter you on the edge of an active volcano. They can blow you away with their interstellar flights and put you into a powerful meditated state of just being.

Without a doubt, this was truly a five out of five star performance.

I am glad to share some words about this incredible gift from Iceland, I only hope to see them again and have new open spirits get turned on to this divine awareness.

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