Shahriyar  Jamshidi Kamanche – The Lullaby of a Nomad

Shahriyar Jamshidi Kamanche – The Lullaby of a Nomad

If you are the kind of quiet soul that thrives on new sounds that come from within the spirit, you may have just have to discover this very unique CD. Clearly the theme of the music is sbout a kind of people we often never think about, but this music will delve into a rich tapestry of a lifestyle that is slowly becoming extinct and lost to history. I say that because I read an article about how children of nomadic tribes are discovering today’s technology and want to enter that world and leave the old ways behind.

This is a CD that tells the tales of these weary travelers. It begins with a lone instrument that conducts all the different themes throughout this conceptual recording. It starts off with feelings of desolation and loneliness. . This may be a good time to burn some incense and do a little meditation.  The sound is a full on Middle Eastern vibe. It is a music that needs a lot of patient and understanding and openness. It seems it is geared towards an audience with a much fined tuned ear for nuances and is highly refined. You are not going to be hearing this on any top 40 radio station anytime.


There is an entrance into that rarely seen kind of life. The beginning teaches you about the art of survival and perseverance. It is a transport to bring you to a sacred place where its essence can open you up to new realities and ventures. As you explore more in-depth facets you begin to understand the richness of this culture. There are plenty of hardships, but once that is broken, you truly witness a celebration of life that we forget to proclaim into our daily existence. It has that clichéd moment of, dance as if nobody is watching, and being nomadic, it is probably true.

There is a great moment in the segment called, “Welcomed”, where you can feel an excited child greeting visitors, whether it be family or friends. Her heart is dancing throughout this piece because this is such a gift to her. It feels much bigger than receiving a wrapped present at Christmas.

Their connection with Mother Earth is divine and their roots run very deep into the lifeblood of our cherished planet. It is a far cry from the North American way of wrapping our tender fingers around metallic devises to survive. As we come to a close we leave with new spiritual lessons that nomads may live a very different existence, but still contain the fertile marrow of life that we simply can no longer comprehend.

As I said at the beginning of this review, this CD is an elemental orb of knowledge that will have you looking at life differently. You must be very open to the concept and relaxed enough to feel the emotional ties these people have on the other side of the world. We may never make it out there to fully realize a different aspect of being, but this music is a very fine way of bringing your imagination closer.

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