Seeing animals at the Ka- ZOO!

Seeing animals at the Ka- ZOO!

If you are the kind of music fans that loves to see quirky pop music, well you missed a doozy at the Linsmore Tavern. I just went on a whim to see two acts and the cover charge was PWYC. This was the kind of thing I needed, two new acts to discover on a whim.

The first band up is called Run with the Kittens. As each song unfolded in front of me, I knew I was in front of a veteran act of pure quirkiness. They were creating a cornucopia of sounds that ranged from pure pop that mixed sounds of surf music, Funk, and even psychedelia. I couldn’t help but smile at the strange way they approached their two keyboards. It seemed to be a friendly battle of strange sounds. If you like Pop that tastes funny, this could be your band.

What made this a truly enjoyable show, was the lead singer’s banter between songs. Was this a music show or a comedy club? The way he could go on with describing the songs and the chit chat he had with the audience, I felt that I was at an Improv club. Just his description of his band mates had people spitting out their drinks. Apparently, his Bass player is really good at giving back rubs while his drummer proved his skill at creating whale music with his drums. Go to my Instagram page and see for yourself. Blast_Toronto. 

In fact, the drummer usually played with a drumstick between his teeth. I thought for sure he was trying to create a new way of playing drums. Hmmm, maybe I should go into consulting on how to improve your live performance. Blast Toronto can improve your Stage Presence! There is a future thought…

Here are some images of Run with the Kittens:

Well the tour of the zoo didn’t end there. The next band up is called Service Animals. They opened with “Back in the USSR”. You can’t go wrong starting with a Beatles song. HMM, more animals…

They are a band that could also run the musical gambit with a variety of songs. They started with a plethora of different covers songs from bands like Cake and Metric. They had an alternative rock sound but with a slight 70’s warp to it. They switched between a male singer to a female singer which added to fullness of their vibe.

This is a high energy pop band with a little lemon twist to it, or maybe a peppermint twist and added slightly over-exposed kaleidoscope fervor to their sound. The highlight was when the singer broke out and did a 10 second Kazoo solo to one of the songs. Whatever happened to the extended kazoo solos these days? They need to bring that back.

They debuted a new song called “In the Hole” that had you floating slightly above this hole that they sang about. Another highlight was when the keyboards draped her beautifully decorated scarf over the keyboards and did her solo with the scarf. Now that was original!

So they did cover songs and original pop songs, where to next? They chose to open the minds of the audience and did extended progressive rock epics that created a river of flowing ideas and the meanderings of a bohemian child with endless Lego pieces. The last Progressive song called “Intermission” was quite the monster to perform as it shifted gears constantly. . This is a band ready to experiment and see where they can go. They just want an audience willing to take that ride with them.

Here are some images of Service Animals:

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