Saturday in the Park

Saturday in the Park

It was a slightly rainy and very blustery day at the Southside Shuffle on Saturday. Sheet music was flying everywhere, tents were being uplifted and small dogs were being blown and rolling down the street. Ok, I lied about the last one. I just wanted to see if you were paying attention.

The Saturday street fest had 25 bands and an audience aged from 1 to 100. The crowd was happy moving from band to band, hence the name “Southside Shuffle”. They were trying to squeeze in as much music as they could in one afternoon. Or they were laid back on a patio listening to their favourite band. Here are a few highlights that I got to witness.

The Port Credit Secondary School sounded like they could work the circuit right now. It was their sheet music and tent that almost landed on the wicked witch, but they kept their cool and acted totally professional through this windstorm. They did a great job on songs like Louie, Louie as well as the running of the bulls.

Jake Chisholm’s sound was loud and fat, whether he was flying through a soaring song or sludging it through the guts of your existence.

The Ronnie Douglas Blues Band got some loyal listeners to stomp it out on the street. Their energy was fun and invited to all who stood in front of them.

The Sterling Blues Band kept it earthy and honest. There was a heartfelt moment when Kimberly Sterling wrote and dedicated a song to her Father. He was also a bluesman with a rich history.

The Fabulous Knockouts are just that…FABULOUS! Their joyous noise ran through some great cover songs, by classic bands such as, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Animals, and Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels.

River Whiskey Blues Band let the good times roll right in front of The Brogue Irish Pub. You could not ask for a more perfect band to play that spot along Lakeshore Blvd.

Bradley and the Bouncers created a dance concert for the best dancers on the street. The prize at the end of the dance was a $50 gift certificate to The Works, an amazing burger place sitting right behind the band. It was a beautiful shameless promotion that got a few more people in their door for a delicious meal. Even one of the workers, who I called, Gene Gene the Dancing Machine, was handing out promotional material to all the other dancers. Hopefully they danced so hard that they needed to stop for a drink.

Overall, a great time was had by all. The 18th annual Southside Shuffle was a success, because of great food, great dancing, great attitude and most of all great music. Make the effort to go there for the 19th annual affair.

Keep this website handy for some fun and frivolity for next year…

View images from the performances below:

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