Sandra Bouza – Falling away from me

Written by Joe Taylor

February 13, 2022


I got lucky a couple months back and got a copy of this CD and I must admit it has grown on me. I simply would like to share a few insights. When hearing the opening notes to “Almost Love”, there is an arid swampy feeling that pulls itself into a smooth groove that has a warm, slightly hypnotic rhythm. Immediately you know this is going to be a good journey.

Sandra keeps a similar vibe as her smoky vocals adds steam to the air that you listen to. “Stone Junction”, is strong and stealthy with a strut of both confidence and defiance.

Every once in a while you have an artist that hits a perfect note, and I found one in her song, “Not like me”. It is a fast transition in the song, but it is flawless the way it flows. This is simply a great song of frustration and desperation rolled together that cry out to a higher energy.

The band has a very full sound and doesn’t leave many gaps in their playing. They seem to endlessly flow from one idea into the next and not break a sweat doing it.

They have danceable tracks like “Turn it up” and “Human Connection”. Human Connection seems to be a perfect song for our times. The idea of not being able to interact face to face has really changed our social landscape, and this song reminds us how important it is to practice this interaction in our lives.

You also have slow cooker songs that linger within you, like the lonely and pensive song, “Losing you”, and the biography of an, “East Side woman”, which has some pretty awesome reverb going on throughout the guitar solo.

Sandra finishes the CD off with the perfect goodbye song “Wrong Songs”. This seems to be an open letter to oneself about honesty and sorrow.

Ms Bouza and her band has a great Southern blues sound with all the slow, steamy  and  sometimes sultry bells and whistles that enhance the need for some warm sounds up here in Canada. The subtle nature of blending Blues, Funk, a bit of House, Southern Rock and Soul is Sandra’s calling card. She will be playing around Toronto, so keep an eye out for her.

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