Sandra Bouza – A Sound in the Dark

Sandra Bouza

Written by Joe Taylor

January 11, 2024

A Baby Butter Exclusive

Sandra Bouza’s sophomore recording is something else. She jumps from singing a bunch of cool ideas from her debut recording and then goes back and records something so personal, you immediately get sucked into a world of spiritual growth. It was like just learning to be a fresh teenager with some new toys and then becoming a full-fledged adult with a deep sense of maturity. It seemed she jumped over a few steps and is grasping very large lessons in life. She does it with sheer conviction, hints of anger and visions of hope that it only gets better with time. It is a personal look into herself but then turns the mirror around has us look at ourselves as we continue to look at her. Very deep stuff…

A lot of her material seems to grow out of the frustrations and dead ends you can reach in life, but she seems to have leapt over those hurdles and continues the marathon which is her new life. The Cd almost reads like a diary of the lessons she has recently learned and is writing them down for young people to read. A song like, “A Sound in the dark”, is like when darkness invades your space, stay still and listen for the right sound to guide you out. She then hits you with a very personal song called, “The Bottle” and the struggle you may go through to break free from its oppressive state.  She quickly turns the tables with another song about helping someone else out of the same darkness, with “Break on through”.

As the chapters of this album play out, we see lessons of climbing out of the darkness, with “Good Vibrations”, and “Burn so Bright” can help you be the best version of yourself when you want to be the best partner you can be to someone else.  Speaking of relationships, she has ways of helping you out of toxic relationships and the power of Karma that will circle back to haunt you.

What I like about this record is, although it sounds like I am using a lot of preachy adjectives, the record doesn’t preach any of this. It is simply her experiences that she wants to share with you. Like a good friend, she may ask you to “Sit by the Fire”, and understand the power you have within yourself. Sandra seems to have a natural theme running through this record. With words like, Burn, Shine, Fire, these powerful words convey the power we all have within and to tap into those powers and become the conciseness you are working towards.

Sandra finishes the record of with a song sung in Glaician tradition that conveys a haunted vision that contains a spiritual growth with an epic journey to follow. Where this will lead you, we will just have to wait for Sandra’s next record.  This record definitely deserves 5 golden eggs!

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