Ryley Murray and the three S’s…

Written by Joe Taylor

June 26, 2016

Ok , I talked to Ori Dagan and he said stick around for the next act, she is new and awesome. So that is what I did. Ryley Murry gets on stage and immediately I hear the three S’ on stage. Soulful, Smoky, and Sultry. She is new to the Toronto scene and gives us a bunch of reworked cover songs. So, before you stop reading this, you must know her version of Beyonce’s, Drunken Love was amazing. This coming from a guy who is not much of a Beyonce fan.

She goes into other great song’s like Elvis Costello’s, ‘Allison”, The Jefferson’s theme song, and the great, “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay”. My favourite song of the night was when the band went into, The White Stripes song, Seven Nation Army. The guitar and Bass player went into an Armageddon solo that blew the original song away. These two guys created a full appreciation for this up and coming singer. Other great songs of the night were, Crazy, by Seal, Come together by The Beatles, and 50 ways to leave your lover.

For me, the highlight was when Ryley invited her Jazz Singing Mom to the stage to do a couple of songs. I soon found out this incredible mother donated part of her liver to save a stranger. I am sure Ryley was terrified when this was going on. They chose the song, Paul Simon’s, “Slip Slidin” Away”. I love this family!

Personally, I know I will be seeing this singer again, I just want you to know, it would be a crime if you missed her.

Learn more about Ryley Murray here  https://twitter.com/ryleymurray.

View images from the performance below:

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