Running a record store with Kittens

Run with the Kittens

Written by Joe Taylor

April 01, 2024

Press Vinyl Café, known for great vinyl and great coffee was taken over by the band, Run with the Kittens. I must say this is one of the most original and unique Pop bands I have come across in quite a while. When they started the show, they went tearing off like a bunch of cats on surfboards. If I had to name the opening song I would simply call it- “The Kitties Wipeout”.

When you put these three musicians together they stretch the imagination on how a pop song should sound. They seem to have a limitless radius of exploration with the confines of creating savory  twists and turns to their compositions. This is an open band that explores territories live and on the spot. These guys make sounds less travelled. How M Scott Peck is that?

There talent lies within the moments of trippy pop ideas, improv comedy, and the ability to venture into strange ideas. Here are only a few of my thoughts while I was listening to them…

There were moments underwater

The use of a Xylophone helped you tiptoe through a spring meadow

R2D2 on ecstasy

Shaking the pineapple not stirred

Travelling the world within the imprisonment of your mind

They even live streamed their performance for their fans, but what made this special is they brought in an Irish woman from the street with their sound and she was just taking a quick break from a couple of doors over and she had to see what the noise was all about. This seemed to happen a couple of time during their set.

The drummer used the house kit that had a set of blocks, like the one used in Rush’s The Trees. He never used blocks before, but that didn’t stop him. It seemed his fear of blocks was cleared up this evening and we were witnessed to this miracle. That is the power of music for you.

At one point they started off a song that sounded like the classic Weeping Widow, but by time they got deep into the song, that widow was weeping forevermore. I think it was a song about some kind of Techno Girl.

If you love quirky Pop Bands, then remember the name Run with the Kittens. How many ways can you say Quirky?



Off the Wall



Weird, should cover it for now.

Here are some images of Run with the Kittens:

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Danny Loves Music!

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