Rocking the Boat

Rocking the Boat

So I am sitting at Yonge/Dundas square, waiting to do an interview with the promoter of Neurotic Entertainment. Across the square I spy a lovely young woman wearing a pink leather jacket waving at me. Her name is Karina Davy and Metal is her game.

She sits down and says, “I bet you were not expecting this”. “No”, I say, “but this is definitely refreshing”. You see when I was discovering Heavy Metal; it was an all boys clubs where we all got sweaty together. When girls began arriving on the scene, the club just got a whole more fun.

Karina runs Neurotic Entertainment and has been organizing shows for a number of years in Toronto. She books shows based on what she wants to see. She lives for live music, because it is her personal love. I truly can say I cannot disagree with her. She just wanted to organize a couple of shows a year and then it steadily grew from there. Now she cannot stop, even if you paid her.

BT- So tell me about this festival.rocking the boat flyer

KD- I was inspired by 70 tons of Metal. All my friends were going and I just couldn’t take the time off at work. So I thought it would be great to bring that here for a one night event. It’s not of the same caliber, never less; it is still the same deal. We are on a boat going around Lake Ontario with three awesome bands.

I did it for my own selfish reasons of not going to 70 tons of Metal and wanting to. The way I go about it, if it something I would get excited about, then definitely other people would get excited about it too.

BT- Yes, there is definitely enough of a Metal community in Toronto that would be interested about this.

KD- Sure, absolutely.

BT- You just need to get the word out to them. So who is on the boat?

KD- We have three bands. We have Mineta, they call themselves Circus Rock. They are professionally trained circus performers and they can play as well. The lead singer, Bella, is the most interesting singer in Toronto.

Axxion is a traditional Metal band from Toronto.

Python is one of my favourite bands from Toronto.

BT- So how many people are going to be fitting on the boat?

KD- About 100, I spoke to the captain and asked, “what if 101 come to the boat”? He said, “Karina, if 101 come, I am not moving the boat”.

BT- I guess someone is going to walk the plank.

KD- Yeah, it’s understandable. We’re on a boat, we have to think about safety. It’s not a club where you can do stuff like that. We are over half way there in tickets sales and the rest will be sold out before the show.

BT- So get your tickets now! How long will we be out on the lake?

KD- I have the boat from 9pm to 12am, but I suspect we may stay an extra half hour because we will be having so much fun.

BT- What are the ticket going for?

KD- Tickets are $30. You get three great band AND you are on a boat! I think that is worth it.

BT-  That is a very fair cost.

KD- Yeah, I asked a lot of people before about that. You see a DJ could charge $45 and he is just one guy. We have three live acts. This is our first year doing this and I want it to be fair and available to everyone.

Hey Metalheads, check out more about this new and exciting event, go to

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Get your tickets soon, this will sell out, then you may have to walk the plank.

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