Robin Hatch – Works for a Solo Piano

Robin Hatch – Works for a Solo Piano

Robin Hatch is beautiful in a damaged kind of way. She is both confident and awkward. She is both sides to a coin simultaneously. Her release, “Works for a Solo Piano”, is a great example of what I mean.

She opens with the piece “Nocturne”, which has a rich romance to it as well as being enigmatically confused. It is a contradiction that makes perfect sense. She also keeps you off balance with the wobbly and drunken stupor of Vertigo. The precipice never looked so inviting before. With, “The Serpent” it lays waiting in the tall grass patiently wanting to strike out at you.

These are just a few examples of what to expect when you put this vinyl on your turntable. As you get deeper into these new strange sounds that enrapture your sense of normalcy, you begin to have conversations with your distorted self that you have buried deep within yourself for years. Robin helps you to reacquaint them like an old friend.

To any regular listener, you think she may be hitting a lot of bad or strange notes, but don’t let that fool you. Robin is a highly calculated musician hitting those notes that throw you out of your comfort zones and have you reimagining your true existence as you walk down a new corridor with endless doors for you to open.

Other cool moments come in the form of our great city, “Toronto”. It is a busy buzz of the “swollen city breeze, acts of enormity”. Yes I totally ripped of Gord Downie just now, but it just seemed appropriate.

O’Blivion is a wonderful piece filled with Doom and Gloom, “Daisy Daisy” is so strangely nice that you got to say it twice, and The Purge is an intense release of emotional build up. It is a bit of an eargasm going on for your pleasure.

I also must comment on the artwork, done by Michael DeForge, because it may look strange at first, but let it settle in and its visual message of duality will come in clearer as you listen to this original work. This is music that you shouldn’t fear but embrace it because we all own a bit of darkness and damage that we can eventually make friends with. This recording simply makes it easier.

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