Lucid Smog Disorder

Three Times the Fun

I made my way into the Bovine Sex Club to cover the album release party ...
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The Sun Rises on Solarus again!

Now that we are climbing back into live music, I urge you to start seeing ...
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Mute Sounds

Mute Sounds has a Voice and it Soars!

I am going to start this review off the same way they started with their ...
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Trick or Treating at the Rockpile

Neurotic Entertainment hosted the Halloween Haunt at the Rockpile this year with 3 very distinct ...
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Halloween Warm-Up

Save Toronto Music Venues leant a hand to present 3 very distinct and original acts ...
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Pink Leather Jackets

Tuned In and Drop Out

Let me start by saying this is going to be a quick article on the ...
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David and Jacob

Hope at Lee/Lifeson Park

That is how the evening began, With David Barrett grabbing an acoustic guitar and gently ...
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The Free Label

Getting Reckless at the Cathedral

If you read last week’s article about Brass transit, there was a little blurb about ...
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Brass Transit

Transit on the Go

With live music slowly trying to make its way back into our lives, this was ...
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Carlos Alonso

Carlos Alonso- XLIX

When you listen to this outing by Carlos Alonso, the first feeling I got was ...
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Blast picks apart Zuffalo’s Birdbrain

I just had a zoom with Zuffalo about their new album, Birdbrain. The band consists ...
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Devouring Saturn

Devouring Saturn – Fortis Rebis

Reaching, striving for lofty goals, Devouring Saturn searches out it own personal levels of heavenly ...
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