Relishing the Lovely Linda Carone

Relishing the Lovely Linda Carone

Both Classy and eclectic, Relish Bar and Griil, played hostess with Linda Carone and guitarist Kevin Barrett. This dining crowd was in for a delightful time when the duo opened with a happy Louis Armstrong song. Linda then added more class by singing some Billie Holiday.  Her subtle flirtatious nature kept the audience in a very light mood.

Clearly this Bar and grill was relishing, Linda Carone, because for a Monday evening this place was packed with adoring listeners. Linda even swooned the crowd with a little French number , as well as the somber tune, “Blue Prelude” in the key of D. We all know that D is the saddest of all the keys…

Linda and Kevin finished of the evening with a spicy little number call, “Tobassco”, but were called back on and knocked the crowd out with very villainous, “Viper”. In my opinion, the best song of the evening.

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