Piqued Jacks – The Living Past

Piqued Jacks – The Living Past

If you are young or young at heart and love Rock and Roll, this may be a great CD to add to your collection. Coming from Florence, Italy, Piqued Jacks combines large rockers with the heart of someone newly falling in love. My most prevalent songs that stand out with this attitude is their first single, “Eternal ride of a Heartfelt mind”, a song driven by reckless passion and abounds frantically outwards like a great cry of despair. The other stand out songs is, “Mount Bonnell”, a piece that contains a beautiful vision of a loving couple that wants to take on the world.

There are other very passionate moment with songs like, “Sublunary” and “The Living Past” that focuses on the injustices we have in our world today. The opener, “Loner vs Lover is a high flying song that would soar much better if they removed the rapping part from the song. I do like some of the 80’s pop reference in the songs and would not totally discard it. How we listened to our vehement Rock songs in the 90’s, this band continues with that same fervor, but with the heat turned up a little higher.

I normally would not write about a band that is not Canadian, but I happen to catch their live show and urge all of you ardent fans of love to, not only give these guys a listen, but to see them live the next time they come to our fervent city. This band simply cannot disappoint when they are playing live.

Here are some images from their performance:

Here is their website so you can grab a copy of their music…https://www.piquedjacks.com/

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