Performance Reviews

The Lad Classic

Indie Week – The Horseshoe

To be brief, I was on my way to join up with another music gig, ...
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Drinking Boys and Girls Choir

Indie Music Week – Opening Night

I arrived at the Revival to kick back with a bunch of people in the ...
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The Halloween Blues

This review should be sung to the traditional blues style, so the rhythm is Ba ...
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Goblin Mastiff

Goblins and Dogs

It’s a Friday night and if you are into Whacko Tobacco, the Hard Luck was ...
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Armenian Jazz

Universal Jazz from the Middle East

Armenian Jazz is something I don’t look into everyday, but since I was invited out, ...
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Mad Heads

Going Mad at The Drom

It’s not just another night at The Drom Taberna, it was a witness to a ...
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Awesome Music Project

R(AMP)ing it up at The Gladstone

Back in the 60’s famous promoter Bill Graham witnessed a happening in San Francisco. This ...
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Triple Play at The Opera House

The Opera House entertained the hungry audience with some fantastic European Metal. We had Anneke ...
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Lemon Bucket Orkestra

Partying with the Lemon Bucket Orkestra

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon at the Kensington jazz fest, and what better way ...
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Kensington Jazz Festival – Lighthouse

Gordo’s was the alleyway venue for some great bands at the festival. I made it ...
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Jim Cuddy

Kensington Jazz Festival – Jim Cuddy

Jim Cuddy opening a Jazz Festival? Yes, he and Molly Johnson have been friends for ...
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A night of some heavy Demons

 The Danforth Music Hall hasn’t seen such serious metal acts inside these four walls for ...
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