Performance Reviews

David Dino White

A Night with some Joyous Surprises

I ask you to take this challenge. Choose a venue you have never been to ...
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The 905s

The 905’s play in the 416

From the opening note coming from a cramped stage in a basement of a Toronto ...
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Anastasia Minster

Toronto’s New Heartbeat

There is a new movement in the underground scene of Toronto. It quietly lives in ...
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Julian Taylor Band

Julian Taylor on Fire

It’s Thursday night, the Horseshoe is packed and Sweeter sounds are coming from the back ...
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White Cowbell

White Cowbell Oklahoma – 20 years of Sex, Drugs and Raunch and Roll

Did you wake up on Saturday while the dog threw up on your rug, or ...
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Laila Kadri

Class Acts on College

This was a first for me to go to a movie theatre to see a ...
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Bruce Dickinson

Bruce Dickinson – Fear of the Duck

Yes, fear of the duck. That is one of dozens of anecdotes Bruce Dickinson, from ...
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Iron Kingdom

The Phantom of the Iron Kingdom

I need to rant for a short bit. I grew up listening to the First ...
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Noep, Hiding Out

The Estonian Music Week continued with an act that flew in from Estonia just for ...
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Matt Morson

Indie Week – The Dakota Tavern

After hearing some Estonian Music, I thought what about some Country to balance that out ...
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Kaili Kinnon

The Estonian Music Festival

Well the Estonian Festival is underway and it began with a sold out show at ...
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Black Absinthe

Indie Week – The Bovine Sex Club

After seeing some original greatness at the Horseshoe, I almost wanted to stay to see ...
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