Oscar’s Wild 50th Birthday

Oscar’s Wild 50th Birthday

All I was told was to show up and enjoy the evening by a buddy of mine named Mark. He is a diehard Calrizians fan, so I showed up. I walk down into the bowels of the Dakota to find the first band of the evening on stage. They are Los Speedos and they are a rocking surf band. Their interesting attire was half the fun of the show. Dressed in what looks like mechanics overalls and a headband with a miner’s flashlight attached to it, I was intrigued on what they were about. The first song was hard and fast, kind of like surfing with Motorhead. Is this what they were about, speedy surf music?  As the set of music got deeper, I noticed they had old movies and old stock footage playing in the background. I was particularly fond of seeing Godzilla vs  Megalon as part of the footage. It brought me back to the days of seeing Nash the Slash when he did similar things in his show.

I probably read too much in the next clip when they did a covers of the Zombies-“She’s not there” and you had Lurch and Wednesday dancing in one of the Addams family shows. Was this a tribute to our now late friend who recently passed, Lisa Loring?

Well, anyway, Los Speedos really did warm up the show especially those who wanted to be a drunken beachcomber in the twilight zone. Speaking of Twilight zone, at the back of the bar, I kept hearing people say Happy Birthday only to hear a loud reply,” I’m pacing myself”. That’s when it hit me; this was Oscar’s 50th birthday party, so I guess that voice belonged to Oscar.

Here are some images of Los Speedos:

Up next was the Calrizians with Oscar on Bass guitar. From the start, these guys were truly an original surf band. I have to give credit to the keyboard player, with his Compact Duo keyboards that had the classic Hammond sound. It just adds a new dimension to the overall sound of the band. It was a good thing Oscar paced himself that night because he only stumbled into the keyboards once the entire set.

Even though their songs are pretty short, these guy pulled of a 28 song set list with an abundance of happy birthday cheers, drink and “I Love You” banters from a very indulgent Oscar! Some of their songs include such favourites like “Stop Action”, “Swinging Creeper” and “Jack the Tripper”. They also pulled out a few covers that really got this party off the ground and surfing. They did the theme song to Hawaii Five-O. But what finished the evening off in a huge way was when they pulled out the rarely played War Pigs by Black Sabbath. This was truly the moment when you really felt how drunk everyone was in the room. Nobody started the song at the right time; everybody was singing different parts to the song, but who cares! This was a moment of pure elation for everyone there. I thought this is a perfect ending to their set, but they pulled out one more to truly finish us off. You know that classic song where everyone yells out- “Tequila”! Well, The Calrizians did it their way and did a similar song called,”Marijuana”! They left the stage with everyone high…

Here are some images of The Calrizians:

If you thought that was a good party, think again. Oscar went backstage probably for another drink, because he was pacing himself, and came back with his Punk Rock outfit called Gomer. As he climb onto to the stage more drinks were being passed around to the band because it was also Jess’ birthday.  They started with a slow moving energy and built up to that punk status were you began to lose feelings in your body parts. If I had to describe this part of the evening it would simply be three words, Drunk Skunk Punk. They let us know to live life to its fullest because we are getting older by the minute. Philosophical Punk, I like it. Oscar let us know that he is in love with his life, which is good to know because if you get your mouth rammed by your mike stand by somebody else, you should still love your life.

They charmed us with songs like, “Milk Bag”, is that like Tea bagging only for cows? Other love songs were played like, “Pull Out “, and “Don’t Choke”. To finish the evening off they somehow did a punk version of a Sea Shanty, only to find out the title of the song is called the “Carrot”. Punk rock can really paint some surreal finger painting sometimes.

Here are some images of Gomer:

I left straight after that but wondered how Oscar’s pacing of the evening went. I hope he writes a comment about his morning after. Well no matter what shape he was in I hope this scoundrel was never surprised by his gut feeling.

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