Ori Dagan- Less than Three

Ori Dagan- Less than Three

From the opening note, you know you are in for a treat. Ori covers Madonna’s Lucky Star and it is like a confident shuffle down the street, with a glint in its eye and a pearly white smile.  We are then treated to a Middle Eastern romp that wakes up our spirit, called Eretz Zavat Chalav. This prepares you for Ori’s third song, “I’d be surprisingly good for you. It is a romantic walk down an empty and quiet street on a warm summer’s evening.

Ori finally leads into what he does best. A minute and a half of insane scat energy that slides into a smooth croon that looks you straight into the eyes and lets you know we all belong to the human race. “I want you, I need you, I love you”, is met with an incredibly warm hug.  This sense of elegance resonates with the listener who holds a high standard of nobility.

Ori’s original song, “Googleable”, is a wonderfully written song about how we as a society, can discover anything, if you just ask Google the right question. It is fun with tongue fully in cheek.  Sweet Georgia Brown has a fresh and spicy kick to it. Strangers in the night feels like a fiery train trip that speeds its way through the edge of a mountainside, but you never can see outside of the window, because it is too steamy.

Ori finishes this CD with Elton John’s, “Your Song”.  This version is dapper and filled with love. It is as if Ori wanted Elton to hear this interpretation as a sincere thank you note. Ori’s  fashionable energy resonates throughout this entire CD. I think one of the messages here, is that we should be mindful of being genuine with everyone we encounter.  After all, the symbol <3 means an open heart, and that is what is delivered here.

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