Onionface’s Album Release Party

Onionface’s Album Release Party

Myke Penney from Jailbirds hosted a party in honour of Onionface’s new album release, “Roll over dog…and run”.  Jailbirds were the opening band and brought their version of funk junk to the stage. Their sound was very thick like good tar you would roll up at three a.m. in the morning to get rid of that migraine you are beginning to receive.  It was very thick and muddy. Myke Penney occasionally would go into a Jimmy Page trance and wail in your face for a while. After that the band would sink into the  Black Sabbath sound and drag the audience back into the Tar Pit of Hell and keep us there for a while. Good times.

View images from Jailbirds’s performance below:

Onionface were on next showcasing their new release, “Roll over dog…and run”. This is a heavy and loud and biting band that will make your eyes water up, like cutting into an onion and rubbing it your pupils. This is not your typical rock band, there are plenty of moments that this band will challenge its listeners. Just like my ex-wife right before that time of the month challenge. Their playing is very sloppy but with underpinnings of genius too, like Keith Moon on drums.

They even brought strobe lights to add to their dimension, so if you are epileptic, don’t go to their show. This just added to their already confusing sound. They even have a song that Motorhead would love. It was Rapid and crazy and ran you over like a bullet train on speed. The only other way I could describe what I witnessed, as a victim, was that they used sonic monstrosities to dig you deep into the earth and leave you there for worms to enjoy.  They would go deep into a murky jam and then pull themselves out of obscurity. This is a band that will have you confounded and confused but intrigued enough to want to see them again.

View images from Onionface’s performance below:

Last up was Big Frasier. Here was a band that could mix up their hard rock sound with mashing up straight forward rock and roll and jamming through with original sounds of shit and shine. They would jam with a laid back attitude and when they got bored they would switch into a groove that would make you beer taste better.  The singer, Beau Ebbinghaus  Melanson reminded me of a young Frank Zappa baby born in a New Jersey Dumpster behind a nail salon. They even did a song named, ‘Skin Fire’, that sounded like a guy jerking off way too quickly. They finished their set with sounds that were totally fun and filled with frivolity. They are wonderfully jammy and a good time overall.

View images from Big Frasier’s performance below:

To see Jailbirds go to https://www.jailbirdsrocknroll.ca/

To see the craziness of Onionface check out https://onionface.bandcamp.com/

To have fun with Big Fraiser punch in https://bigfrasier.bandcamp.com/

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