Oliver Jones- A message from God

Oliver Jones- A message from God

This little commentary is not a review about last night’s incredible show from Oliver Jones. There was on moment about ¾ into the show when Oliver went into a diatribe about the lack support for Canadian musicians. He spoke candidly about how English music and American music are enjoying the spotlight. They are promoting and encouraging musical talent to flourish. Canada is keeping their talent a hidden secret, like an embarrassing secret.

We are a culture of immensely talented soundscapes and completely underappreciated to boast about it. When I was listening to Oliver speak this way, I realized, I am using this forum to do exactly what we are lacking as a community. Let’s speak up for the entire great artist’s in the Canadian culture. Let’s give them a voice to sing and play about. Let’s get out to the shows, listen to what they have to say. Let’s cheer when we hear musical notes sore through our personal musical landscapes. Let’s go up to them and thank them for giving us a richer existence, just for being there.

Oliver Jones’ performance was not just pure magic, but his essence surrounded a room when he politely passed the torch to younger musicians to do great things with their talent. I am using this forum to do the same thing. The musical richness that is here in Toronto is ridiculously brilliant, but has yet to be uncovered for the world to see and understand.

Just a side note… I went to see Brooke Blackburn, before I saw Oliver Jones. I met a couple from England that plan their vacation around the TD Jazz festival, and were ecstatic, to sit in the same club and listen to Brooke Blackburn. That is musical dedication. I just hope my future ramblings will inspire more Torontonians to get out there and celebrate our  Ocean deep sounds that are currently covered by a very dry desert.

To learn more about Oliver Jones and other great artists go to www.justin-time.com


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