Old School and the New Guard


Written by Joe Taylor

April 04, 2019

There was quite a mix of old head bangers and the new metal heads all packed at a sold out show at The Phoenix. Representing the new metal was Amenra and headliners Yob. In the other corner personifying the old school metal was Montreal’s Voivod.  The first band was not even on yet and the place was packed. A rare moment for an opening act.

When Amenra hit the stage there was a wall of sound that was filled with pure dread. The stage and lighting was extremely black and white, and the video images were eerie. It was dark and unrelenting. They made you feel like you just walked into a horror movie and you can never leave. With songs like Razor Eater and Closer to You, there was a feeling of dark ritual moments happening right in front of you. The singer rarely turned around to face the crowd as if he were performing this procedure onto the psyche of the zombie like crowd. It seemed these agents of the Stone Age are making some serious headway into this new metal crowd.

Here are some images from Amenra’s performance:

Now for some old school. Voivod came on with the attitude and experience one would expect from a band that is now 36 years old. They started with their last Ep and did the title track, Post Society. Like true Metal Master’s they chose killer tracks off of  their new material from their CD The Wake, and then went back to some of their really early stuff. We are talking the first 3 CD’s, like Ravenous Machines, Psychic Vacuum, and even the first song, Voivod! The energy they put out on stage looked like a Frankenstein Monster that was still full of piss and vinegar and having so much fun. Why shouldn’t they have fun, they just won a Juno for Best Heavy Metal Cd recently. Lead singer, Snake was toying with the crowd and the older fans reacted like they were in their youth once more. When they did the Prow, everyone was showing the band a good time, especially after the song and the rabid horde kept chanting, VOIVOD! The new metal crowd began to get into truly rocking out and moving about. When the band finished with their classic song, Voivod, everyone wanted to get a little closer to the stage and sing and high five the band. Old School Rules!

Here are some images from Voivod’s performance:

YOB came on to show us why they were the emerging monster of the Doom and Gloom sound. Each song was an epic journey into mystical void that seem to suck the daylight right out of your being. There was no interaction, just a sonic wave of brain nausea that went on for their entire set. The crowd reverted back to their zombie-like state and just stood and watched the band. If you weren’t doing that, I can guarantee you were holding your phone and filming the show to relinquish to all your friends that did not make it.

Here are some images from Yob’s performance:

I came away that evening with the knowledge that our metal audience has changed. They seemed to be very content either filming the show or stay fairly quiet and watch the show, whereas the old rockers wanted to move about and scream at their favourite parts of the song. I am sure there was some filming going on, but everyone near the stage was showing Voivod a good time because they were giving us all that they had. At the end of the day everyone walked out feeling high and nourished from three very different bands.

To learn more about the horrific band Amenra go to… https://www.facebook.com/churchofra/

Come and enjoy Voivod… To the Death at… http://www.voivod.com/en/news

To get your Doom and Gloom fix go to…  https://www.yobislove.com/

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