Noep, Hiding Out


Written by Joe Taylor

November 23, 2019

The Estonian Music Week continued with an act that flew in from Estonia just for this evening. His name is Noep and he packed The Hideout for this evening. With common knowledge the place was filled with a ton of excited Estonian’s waiting to see one of their musical heroes. Noep and his two other band mates hit the stage with some pretty upbeat music and the crowd was already on their feet. It truly felt great coming in from the cold to this very warm atmosphere.

Noep mainly played the keyboards with some pretty heavy dance laden tunes from his drum pad. The dance floor wasn’t even big enough to hold everyone, so they danced wherever they wanted, and why not, it is a good night to party. As I was shooting around the stage, I noticed two of the artist I photographed the night before having a good time and supporting this festival. Well that is what these festivals are all about, support your artists, support your community, and discover some new music in the process. Who knows these artists could be the next big thing and you were lucky enough to see them in an intimate setting.

Noep’s message of the evening was to keep the inner child alive and nourish it to enjoy life as you move on. The vibe of the room was very positive.  He hit a high note with the song, “San Fransisco”. It was like a hippy vibe going on and then he had to say goodbye at the end of this song. There was one problem the crowd covered the entire front of the stage and wouldn’t let him leave without an encore. I don’t think that would be a problem as he belted out his hit, “Rooftop”. He jammed his way through this popular number and got the crowd really riled up for a big finish with some big noise. I do believe everyone was now satisfied. After that reaction I don’t see Noep ever turning down a chance to play in Toronto in the future.

Here are some images from Noep’s performance:

For all the Estonians and beyond check out Noep’s webpage at …

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