No education at the HIPPO-campus

No education at the HIPPO-campus

There is a place in the Junction called See-Scape, it is an eclectic dive of a place on the other side of the tracks, or is it the same side, I did not check the map. It stands quietly in the dark shadows and as you enter the main floor, it is a trap. It is filled with games that will make you want to stay there forever. If you ever get tired of your mother yelling at you for being lazy and to turn off your games, go to the See-Scape for an escape. Upstairs is every garage bands dream, a dark seedy venue that only your worst nightmares will show up to.

In this case we stared the evening with a band called GLU. They got on stage to do sound checks and from the opening noise; I wondered what they were sniffing. A drunken voice came from the back of the room yelling, “Are you GLUten free”? From their lack of skill and cranking it up way too high, I would guess they were Glu-eleven. If none of this is making sense then it must be foreshadowing for the rest of the evening. GLU finally began their set with some of the most intense and raw Punk I have heard in a while. This is the kind of band I would love to bring to a young teenagers K-Pop party and watch them run and cry within the first minute of these guys beginning their set. Well things seem to go pretty good from there; it was a promise of a good time just as your ears began to bleed.

Here are a few images from GLU’s performance:

Next on the hit list of burnt out rockers was the conspirators of hard core, Artificial Dissemination. These two oddballs mixed some classic punk rock that you enjoyed back in the late 70’s with a harder edge to it. These two love to hate on many wrongs in our society today. Doug Ford is not safe, the paparazzi are not safe, and even Walt Disney is not safe from these two angry intrinsic protestors. I guess they see the world run by a bunch of assholes and they want to be the new superheroes to help the unfortunate out of the quagmire of life. That is a good thing when your music gets people slamming the crap out of each other. What Punk Rock band doesn’t want that, because that is Love! The love was felt when the crowd kept them on to do a song called, “Plastic People”. I can’t wait until their new record is out. It will be called, “Broken”.

Here are a few images from Artificial Dissemination’s performance:

What do you get when you invite three grown men in animal costumes on stage to scream crap at you? Well you get a band from Winnipeg called, Hippo. They are mostly a Punk band with some metal built into their sound. It could be a little funky or hard stomping as you watch the drunks’ crash into each other. There were fun facts about hippos. It felt like you were in school with a shit faced teacher ready to throw up on you. I think the bass player ate his set list because he was looking for it the entire set. That didn’t stop them from total vulgarity with songs like, “Suck my, well you get the idea. Seeing as there were a lot of plastered veterans in the crowd and on the stage, there was no wonder they went into the song called, “Shit for Brains”. I am sure after the beating some of the people took on the floor of vile and putrid garbage; they won’t remember the song anyway. So, did we learn anything with these bands playing for our enjoyment? NAH!

Here are a few images from Hippo’s performance:

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