New product at the Supermarket

New product at the Supermarket

The Supermarket is a great club to find new acts developing their stage craft. This is a place where great music can be born. Take the Band Mihalyism, it was their very first gig and they debut their fresh sound at Supermarket.

This band is experimenting with mashing up some classic genres of music. They are taking Jazz Standard and updating them with a fresh approach, whether it is a Funk vibe, a House Vibe or even a Reggae vibe, this is what is now emerging onto the scene.

The band opened up with My Funny Valentine, but very soon it became my Funky Valentine. It drifted from the classic standard into a street club, house vibe with some schizoid scatting to add that crazy spice for mental digestion. They went into one of my favourites, ”Summertime”, and got it to sound slippery with a very smoky vocalist and a flute solo from the 60’s to add that psychedelic colour to the experience.

Watermelon man from Herbie Hancock was solid with its Sax and trumpet solos and the song Misty added that reggae vibe. Picture The Wailers with a drunken Dean Martin on Vocals, You have to come out an experience this for yourself. During the show, I noticed to audience members picking up a couple of instruments and adding their texture to the already multi personality groove of the band. Apparently we had Sambourine playing the Tambourine…seems about right. Then we had Uncle Meat playing the Cowbell, but the cows were not coming home.

They finished of strong with a Miles Davis’ tune “So What”, and simply put if you didn’t like this version of the song, SO WHAT!

If jazz reinvented is your kind of sound, this is a band you will want to follow, because I believe they will have a lot of new tricks up their sleeves and they just want an audience that they can WOW!

Here are a few images of Mihalyism:

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