Neker- The Italian Invasion has begun

Neker, Electric Magma, Chainfall

Written by Joe Taylor

April 08, 2019

As I am walking into the tail of the  Junction there is a slow monstrous thud reaching its way onto the street and through your chest.  The first band must have just gotten on. It sounds a lot like early Black Sabbath. This is the sound of Electric Magma.

Even though each piece sounded like a Sabbath song, it truly was their original music. All the songs were instrumental and it was very riff heavy. As I am getting to know their sound, they remind me of a classic garage band that loves to get together with a case of beer and something to smoke as they began to hone their craft. With each piece they started off well and then seemed to get stuck inside their own riffs. They still had a lot of room to explore the space. Maybe a little more cowbell might have helped. It would be cool to see these guys expand into deeper compositions because they already have a great driving force.

Here are some images from Electric Magma’s performance:

Now in this other corner is a band called NEKER and they hail from Italy. The opening sounds had a solid marching crunch to it, creating a musical painting of a doom filled society that lives off of pain and sharp objects. The singer voice was like a shattered whiskey bottle and he can spew his glass shards into our psyche.

This is not a band that tries to scare you, but would rather spit venom of anger, and give you a cathartic experience to embrace your bitterness. The guitarist was a tall dude with taller hair as he loved to flip it as he played. The drummer held everything down to its foundation but still has enough energy to have fun doing it. This band was not about speed, they didn’t need to be the fastest, but their intensity was through the roof. I believe the small but very lively crowd got the message, because they were really getting into NEKER’s sound. They finished their set with a nonstop assault on our senses. We had major feedback from the speakers, a singer placing himself on the drum kit and just a wild song to rip the energy right out of you.

Here are some images from Neker’s performance:

Just when you felt satisfied, local Toronto band, Chainfall hit the stage and the singer was in a rocking mood. He went off into the audience right away on the first song.

This is the kind of band that brings their own special style of Mayhem! The one image that kept running through my mind was that of an out of control freight train on fire and eventually riding off the rails. They promoted their new song, “The State”, which seemed a much more polished thrash song than their earlier stuff.

This is a truly seasoned Thrash band that brings its own hammer to bash your brains in. The singer has very strong vocals and can still produce a banshee wail to add to the effect of their madness. Throughout the show they kept asking us if we wanted some more. With a resounding “YES” we agreed. You couldn’t slow the singer down, because many times you would lose him as he walked through the crowd as if he were connecting and concentrating the potency of the room.

The band finished off the evening with a great cover of Motorhead’s Ace of Spades. The crowd did not want to leave and they came back to truly finish off the night with another cover. This one was Iron Maiden’s Run to the Hills. The room was giving their all with fists pumping the air and a sing along to finalize a great evening of pure heaviness. I found out later from the singer this was their first attempt at Iron Maiden, but it surely won’t be their last.

Here are some images from Chainfall’s performance:

I hope NEKER was happy and will come back again playing even a bigger space.

If you want to see some solid rocking acts at the Tail of the Junction, they are located on Dundas Street West and Runnymede. Come support the West end of Toronto, the Junction is only getting better.

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