Mute Sounds – Resilience

Mute Sounds – Resilience

Hey Toronto, there is a new Hard Rock Band here in Toronto and they will not stop until they get your attention. They are Mute Sounds and they are about to school you in their ways of Resilience. Upon first listen you will find their statement has a fine balance between being assertive and being aggressive. It is an emotional ride of powerful emotions that conjure up your own personal struggles and give you the depths to plow through them and create a new reality using you new found will. Yes it does take you there. There are varying levels of frustration and angst. The tension that rides under all the fire, fuels the passion that needs to break free and run with scissors, knives and other pointy objects.

Endless Run starts off as a full blown charge that seems to be set on a battlefield. You can feel both sides charging at each other in full out aggression. This is the stuff great old war movies are made of. A very punkish feel, but not the fake kind of punk.

Resilience starts off as a tension filled headache that slowly creates a wall of power from which these words can be silently uttered- Thee shall never falter! It is simply EPIC!

With Masquerade, disguises come in many forms and shapes. The intense fluidity will flood your existence and dance within your personal realm that only you know how to create into the fabric of your being.

Rebellion is a movement of hard rock and funk that continually throws vicious punches and then runs a gauntlet both up and down an opposing force with shattering force. Rebelliousness is not just for teens anymore.

Are you beginning to see a theme here? Roots- is slow to grow and gives you time to reflect. As it creeps along the second half boldly explodes into a juggernaut of flora omnipotence! Nature is ferocious!

Rise- is like watching a mountain spring to life right in front of you. It’s like surfing a shark infested Tsunami. This can become a new anthem for Toronto, and we would be proud chanting along with this powerhouse of a song.

Escape from Reality is a very determined plan to put reality in the rearview mirror. This is the great escape fill with intense angst and charges you like a rhino!

Go with the flow is not as easy as it sounds. It comes at you like a punk rocker then turns into a Rush anthem, then it turns into a Pop/Ska piece.  This is a good lesson on how to go with the flow!

Dark Surrender- It is close to Heavy Metal but definitely has iron balls! It does go into a very pensive period before the darkness sets in and drags you by the hair and pulls you into a lonely alley or maybe it is a Battle cry to a larger than life fight… you can decide when you listen to this one.

We finish off by Moving Forward- I like the message of this one because after your new transformative state of being, it is time to move onto bigger and better things in your life. I am sure that is the true intension of Mute Sounds. They are saying: We are here to stay, get use to it and jump aboard for the ride of your life!

I have watched the evolution of this band over the last year and a half, and if this is an indication of their direction, the only place Mute Sounds is going is UP! To hear this future Toronto classic album you can hit this link to experience one of the best albums of 2023.

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