Must Stash Hat – Udomeu

Must Stash Hat – Udomeu

Must Stash Hat’s latest venture brings us six varied jamming gems. They are a band that loves to explore the space. They would even throw in some cowbell if that’s what it takes to hone the journey. The first gift is called, “No Time”. They open with an Allman Brothers funky vibe and just when you get into the groove, they change the tempo to a frenzied assault of friendly sounds. They do a great job on Slappin’ Da Bass.

Two Roads have a great Phish vibe to it. It has that perfect cottage sound when the party is just getting started or if you and friends are going out for a beer run. This is very solid high energy listening music for those who crave some munchies as well.

Udomeu Pt 1 begins with a very 90’s funk and blues sound. Kind of a Stevie Ray Vaughan meets the Spin Doctors. It is commercially fun as they toss out sound bites to their hungry fans. We the hungry dogs of music will lick this one up. Part 2 seems to have Alien indigestion. Who knew this could sound funky but not smell funky? This is quite the inner journey where fart jokes will be tolerated. Well sit still for the next seven minutes and see where no Pepto  Bismol can take you.

After that twaddle into windiness we are blown towards Old Man Joe. Here is a spacey character that really knows how to noodle with you aura. There is not too much to say but he really knows how to entertain you with his pioneering cranium.

Before you know it we hit the last tune called, “Spaghetti Brain”. No big surprise here, especially after what you have been through already. This one is a true 70’s rock treat made with love for all you Pastafarians out there. You may also call this one, Lasagna Frankenstein or any other kind of pasta monster of your choice. I will guarantee, you will eat this one up.

I asked the band what does, Udomeu, mean? They let me know, but I think I will just leave it at that. It is up to you to get this recording and figure out it out yourself. Use whatever grey matter  you own and enjoy this cerebral trip from these local lads.

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