Mike Todd – Good Man

Mike Todd

Written by Joe Taylor

December 03, 2016

Is Mike Todd a good man? Well you are just going to have to buy his CD and find out. The first song, “Liar”, is an in your face and waving your finger kind of song. It has harshness with a ring of a Paul Carrack in there. The overall vibe of Mike Todd is he is a very good soul singer that can mix up different club sounds, from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and still make it feel fresh. Like his song, “Crazy”. It has that KC and the Sunshine band vibe to it. You hear and immediately you want to hit the dance floor. This would have been staple song on Soul Train.

Mike Todd is the kind of guy that invites you to his party and can only be happy when all his guest are grooving all night long and leave very tired. He wants the room to be filled with good vibes always. The title song, “Good Man’, is very humble and honest and leaves you with, “A good man is hard to find”. Mike goes into his next tune and begins “Feedin You”, some downright funky disco. You can practically feel the giant afro bouncing around in the room when this song is playing.

“Were not making love (Were making history)”, is completely saucy, arrogant and flirtatious all at the same time. It gets fun when he begins to reference other historical couples like, Romeo and Juliet or Superman and Lois Lane. The walls will be shaking with this one. Speaking of Shaking, Mike’s next song won’t be having you shake like a Polaroid picture, but a tambourine instead. It won’t be a handshake but a milkshake. You will shake it like the best cocktail out there.

He goes on to save his Brother who likes to get into trouble wherever he goes. This dude is crazy, stubborn, selfish, and has absolutely no boundaries. Mike seems to always go in to save his ass from disaster. There is a layer of gospel music in there, to try and save this “Brother”.  Mike moves on and figures out, “That’s how it’s going to be”. The opening line is great and the female character comes off as a very powerful women. There is passion that stings a little, it hurts a little and what’s wrong with a little dominatrix? Truly a song with a lot of experience.

“Devil” is that little guy that sits on your shoulder and whispers evil ideas into your ear all day. It’s like being at the crossroads of your life and  you take the dark path every time.  It has a beautiful build up throughout the song. Kinda like Ravel’s Bolero. “You don’t know how to love me”, is simply a sad finish to a relationship. It is a good end to this CD, because it feels like you have had an entire relationship with a Good Man. Mike Todd takes you through a wide range of emotions and leaves you feeling satiated.

The music is straight forward, not complicated. The communication is honest and open and well delivered. Simply put if you like to dance and move around and envision different life scenarios, this should be in your player right now.

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