Manganista – Shooting at Big Bang Seams


Written by Joe Taylor

November 11, 2016

Manganista is a great pop band from San Diego and just released their newest Cd, Shooting at Big Bang Seams. This release is filled with 10 songs of pure pop joy.  They clearly have the knowledge of how to put together songs using various hooks and themes into their music. The musical language is rich with ska music, fun horns, spacey keyboard sounds with some Hammond B thrown in there for good measure. They even invite you a Hawaiian beach party to keep things interesting.

The band consists of Dusty on drums, Matt on Vocals, Drew on Bass, Kyle on Mallets, Ryan on Guitar, Jason on Bass and the kitchen sink, Steve on Percussion, and Travis who seems to do practically everything else.

When you listen to the band you could swear you are hearing borrowed sound from other great pop bands, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. Bands like the Beatles, Weezer and Klaatu may have had a little influence with them, but that is for you to figure out.

The opening track, “Five Weeks”, is a high energy ska song that will have you bouncing all over the dance floor. They quickly enter, “Reality Land” , a sad little song about comparing your life to reality television. “Radio Jacket”, is a fun look into the past at the 80’s. The hook here is their tribute to The English Beat. The song is very innocent and if you use your imagination you can hear this song playing on the show, “Happy Days”.

ManganistaThis recording is very clean and consistent. The themes that tend to keep you listening are fun and innocence. There are space themes. Just look at their cover. There are also a lot of dream themes as well. “Dream Catcher”, is the obvious one about a child who is scared of the dark when going to bed. “Laser Beams” is another one where the singer is sending out his message to the galaxy using laser beams and dreams.

“Bellowing the Blather”, seem to pay tribute to the Beatles.  Their use of backward sounds and their fun word play seems to honour the Fab Four.

We finally come to the last song, No Hovering”. This is a very quirky song about reading a very strange sign. What in the world does this song mean? Inside joke for you Manganista.

Shooting at the Big Bang seams, is a record that needs to be shared with young people who have open imagination and who have springiness in their step. This is filled with a lot of high energy that will keep you in a good mood, even if you are really stuck in traffic. It is also good for the older crowd who enjoyed this kind of entertaining pop music. It will bring back great memories of the pop bands they grew up with and loved.

To find out how to pick up this wonderful CD go to…

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