Manganista – Hillbilly Bomb Shelter

Manganista – Hillbilly Bomb Shelter

Manganista is a band that has a wonderful ability to mix Pop music with an 80’s twist and Ska beats. What they do from there is take that sound and layer it with the purpose of the tune. Their latest recording has this formula written all over it. Let’s start with their opening number, “Hillbilly Bomb Shelter”. With their given sound and the word Hillbilly, you would think there may be a country twist added to this piece; and you would be right. This song sounds like Blue Rodeo flying high on Ska. When did Armageddon become so fun? YeeHaa!!!

The rest of the recording tends to plateau with other good songs, but doesn’t quite hit the heights of the opening number. The rhythm pattern of the vocalist seems comfortable when delivering each song. He doesn’t stretch too far out and try different vocal methods. This seems to keep the band a little more grounded than what they are worth. They have the creativity to charge you up with each song and have that charm to make it a unique experience.

The song, “Helping hands is a very bouncy pop song with the help of a good neighbor, “Repetition”, is simply 80’s new Wave personified. “We love City Heights”, is a good cruising song for downtown streets. “Nuts and Bolts”, is a fun song you would want to play at a Halloween party. It has a fun creepy edge to it. “Bad Reggae”, is just that, bad reggae.

Overall, it is a good recording and I am sure an excellent live and bouncy band. I hope to catch their live performance one day. Until then I will just have to enjoy this as well as their last recording, “Shooting at the Big Bang Seams”.

You can hear their sounds and like their page on Facebook.

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