Luving Paul Reddick at Lula Lounge

Luving Paul Reddick at Lula Lounge

Paul Reddick chose wisely, a place to launch his new CD- Ride the One. Lula Lounge is the perfect place to play some classy Blues music. Paul came out and rocked the crowd with some high energy blues and a gravelly voice, reminiscent of Joe Cocker. The bands driving rhythms will immediately get you out onto the dance floor, but then Paul will shift gears and have you floating above the dance floor as he prepares you, to take on another rocket ride.

The first half of the performance was dedicated to his new Cd. Clearly, by the audience’s reaction, the new music was well received. Like communion at the Blues alter of life and dance. With, In your face Rockers like, Shadows, or mood provoking melodies, like the haunting Mourning Dove, Paul’s music will have you fully engaged.

It was fun to watch the packed room lose itself within Paul Reddick’s hypnotic sounds. It was also a treat to speak with some of the patrons who came to see Paul play. A lot of them were musicians watching other musicians. I guess you can say that class was in session and notes were being taken.

Opening for Paul, was Sugar Brown. A similar sound with nice chunky riffs that date back to the Great Howlin’ Wolf. Sugar Brown would hits some pretty erratic leads, as if he were going slight mad. His band held it down like a mule driven freight train heading through the prairies in the middle of heatwave.

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