Let’s meet at Mel’s

Let’s meet at Mel’s

Mel Lastman Square hosted the final evening of the Cultura Festival that featured the amazing Lemon Bucket Orkestra. Before they went on there was a smaller stage that featured Stephania Wololshyn from Lemon Bucket Orkestra, as well as Stacey Yerofeyeva and Elelina Ferenc. They have their own group called Blisk. It is a fine mixture of Baltic music folk music mixed with beautiful harmonies. They are a polyphonic Slavic and Baltic experience. They even throw in some percussion to add to the experience. They definitely warmed up the crowd to a fun filled evening of gypsy like music.

Here are some images from Blisks’ performance:

Lemon Bucket Orkestra hit the stage and the growing crowd at Mel Lastman Square was absorbing their vibe. Their energy is always fun and positive. The members  of this band come different countries and combine their musical talent to come up with a sound that a place like Toronto can appreciate. I looked out into the audience and saw people from around the world enjoying this unique sound. There was dancing and waving and communing with each other.  I am not familiar with their song titles, but that doesn’t matter, because you find yourself clapping to every song they do.

Here are some images from Lemon Bucket’s performance:

The highlight to their show is when they walk out into the audience and create the true party atmosphere. It seems their gift to their audience is connecting people together no matter who you are.

To learn more about Lemon Bucket Orkestra go to… http://www.lemonbucket.com/

To find out about Blisk go to… https://www.facebook.com/bliskmusic/

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