Laurie Dapice – Parting the Veil

Laurie Dapice – Parting the Veil


When I read the linear notes on this CD, it sounded very promising and full of good energy. I got 4 songs in and was a little worried because these all seemed like various love songs. I thought this was now going to be an exercise into an assorted array of love themes. Thank goodness for song 5 and beyond, the spiritual insights began to unfold for the listener to experience. Other themes included having the strength and tenacity to make it through the day, everyday. Voices from beyond our realm filled your sensibility and conduct you to contemplate the life you live. This is a great CD for those who have a day off and want to engage in themselves and search for personal messages.

The CD is relaxed in nature, but emotionally there is eminence presence that runs you through emotions of love, playfulness, anticipation, somberness, romance, and awakening, just to name a few.

Laurie truly knows how to put together a band, every member played with awareness and precision. Not a single note is wasted on this CD. Every song was done with a touch of class and gracefulness. Eight of the songs were older standards, some familiar and some with rare moments that balanced out this recording. Laurie even wrote two of the songs to prove she is a person that belongs in this foundation. I kind of enjoyed the fact that her two contributing pieces had to do with both Summer and then Winter.

Laurie is someone you should sit down with a cup of tea and let her part the veil with her voice. Her intonation and intuitiveness has a very strong conviction. She owns the three C’s here: Clarity, Cleanliness and very Crisp vocals that carry you through some of the teachings she wants to share with you, her listener. Her skills to arrange music are highly organized and convincing. She creates an authentic version of an original song, but does not stretch it too far to lose its integrity.

 This CD is more than just a smooth and savory sound you would just throw on as background music. It is reflective and wants to give you personal guidance in your life. With all this said, I will give the last word to Laurie.“After all, isn’t that what music is supposed to do? Change the Molecules?

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