Killer Dwarfs Kill it!

killer dwarfs

Written by Joe Taylor

October 26, 2016

It’s a Friday night at The Rockpile, there are starving people wanting to have a weekend that they will speak of, for many years to come and the Killer Dwarfs are ready to hit the stage for our entertainment! This is a good weekend! The KD’s have been entertaining us for about 35 years and they still do it with a great sense of enthusiasm and a loose reaction of Rock and Roll. Within the first song, we find Russell Dwarf crowd surfing and having the time of his life.

A few songs in, Toronto finds out we are having a competition with Ottawa and Montreal.  Who is going to be the best audience to be on their new live CD.  Toronto was up for the challenge.  The audience was made up of various age groups. We had the classic middle age aged rockers from the early 80’s and new member who wanted to hear some great live 80’s metal. The Dwarfs joked about some of their songs being older than some of the audience members.  One of the great crowd pleasers that stuck with every fan was “It doesn’t matter at all”. We now find ourselves with more crowd surfing by Russ Dwarf.  It got even better when our insane host went into, “Burn it Down”.

The evening got even better when the old classics were being thrown out.  Songs like “Stand up” and “Keep the Spirit alive”, were truly crowd favourites. Russ even reminisced about beginning with the band and how they couldn’t make it because they were too ugly. 35 years later and they are still proving the record companies wrong.

Rellikdog opened for the Dwarfs and totally owned the room while they were on. They started with a couple Surf Punk songs and then headed into a speedfreak scorcher. The lead singer has an intensity that attract you or freak you out enough to leave the building. His vocals have a sound like someone who likes to gargle his whiskey with shard of broken glass screaming down his throat. One of their memorable songs”Pyscho”, made you feel that you were at a Sepultura show.

They referred themselves as an 80’s Metal Band that showed up late for the party. These guys are a kick ass band with a wall of noise that sticks its pointy fingers right in your eyes and gouges them while they laugh. They are a great club band that you want to drink your face off and go crazy. They are better than a massage from a cheap hooker.

To learn more about Rellikdog go to and download their music.

The Killer dwarfs website is

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