KC revs up the Jazz Party

KC revs up the Jazz Party

KC and the Sunshine Band were the kick off to the TD jazz Festival this year. The 65 year old started the party by shaking his Booty. He joked about getting old and heavy, But that was quickly interrupted  by how amazing he can steal a dance floor and host a party.

He went into his get Boogie hits, Like Boogie Shoes, I’m your Boogie Man. He then played one of his biggest hits, Please Don’t go, which had the crowd swaying in delight. He let the audience know his new recording was of song he loved. So we got to hear songs, like Stand by me, in a funky style. He also teased the audience with opening sounds like Foxey Lady by Jimi Hendrix, and  Brickhouse.

But of course KC finishes off strong with his Disco songs like, It’s the same old song, Get Down Tonight, and Keep it comin Love. KC actually played Please don’t go twice, not out of lack of material, but from giving the audience the original sound, as well as a heartfelt goodbye. He really funked it up and finished with  a beautiful way of saying he still loves to play for us.

KC may still joke about his weight and his age, but I challenge anyone out there who is 65 years old and can still entertain a loyal crowd of fans to dance and remember their youth. KC, keep sounding your Funky Horn.

View images from the performance below:

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