Kate Unger- Very chilled with the right amount of class

Kate Unger- Very chilled with the right amount of class

Playing the dinner crowd at 120 Diner was the very elegant Kate Unger. The one thing I can say about Kate and her band is, if you had a bad day, her singing will decompress the stress that you walked in with. She decided to fill tonight’s room full of love songs, and that got the audience in a very giving and happy mood.

Her quiet passion resonated within the room with an uptown feeling of dining with mellow cheese and a bottle of Beaujolais. She swooned the crowd with such great songs like, Moondance, Melancholy Baby, and Blue Skies.

The one notable thing I could not stop seeing was her Bass player Eric Soostar who could tell an entire story with his bass lines. Kate Unger is a perfect recipe of getting a soul message and sitting on a quiet dock somewhere up north.

Learn more about Kate at https://www.facebook.com/kate.unger2?fref=ts

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