The Spirits have shown up and have a ritualistic dance to perform. “Incantation”, is just that, it opens ups with a conjuring of the spiritual realm to enter this special space. This two piece band consists of Raphael Weinroth Brown playing the Cello, and Shahiyar Jamshidi playing a very cool instrument called a Kamanche. Every piece is truly a complete conversation between these two unique musicians. Their playing is very thought out and precise.

“Serpentine”, slips and slides around like a most charming snake. It is as if a King Cobra had the flute and was bringing you of your basket. It hypnotizes you into a metaphysical state that you cannot escape from. It brings you to a level of intensity, as if the snake had just wrapped its coils around you, and you just don’t care anymore.

“Radiance”, begins like a warm sunrise with beams of light passing through the trees and into your room as if to wake you up. The warmth feels good as you praise a higher power and you are grateful for another day to live. This is their version of “A day in the life”, but done with just two instruments and a lot of heart. I like the way they create each movement. It has its own way of dancing. Even the sunset has a very exquisite ending.

“Confrontation”, begins with some tension in the air and builds into a series of bickering. The frustration of not hearing each other than a ghostly dampening begins to break communication down. Then one side sounds like they are going to win, but as it fades out you realize no one wins.

“Solitude”, can be a good thing or a bad thing. There can be moments of peace and moments of feeling forlorn. There can be moments of stillness and moments of crying out. There are moments of clarity and moments of confusion. This piece explores all of this and more. Is it a choice of personal elevation or boredom?

“Ascent”, starts off pretty grounded. It is as if you have to grow wings first, and then make a few attempts to fly. It is not an easy journey, but the more you grow strong, the more confidant you will feel. In this space you have to feel yourself getting higher. Like most people, it is the goal of enlightenment and bringing oneself to be self actualized.

Simply put, these two musicians play very well together. They are in the early stages of their career and are truly top musicians that Toronto should embrace.

To hear this unique music and challenge your eras go to… https://kamancello.bandcamp.com/

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