Jupiter Hollow – Odyssey

Jupiter Hollow – Odyssey

Odyssey is the first recording from the mind blowing band Jupiter Hollow. The band consists of Grant McKenzie on Guitar, Bass and Synthesizer. The other member is Kenny Perry on Vocals, Drums and Synthesizer and keyboards. Between these two guys they can create a lot of noise. I compare them to, if Dream Theater had a rendezvous with Rush, they could be conceiving Tool amongst themselves. How does a two member Rock band play seven instruments at once? Well you will just have to catch one of their shows and find out for yourself.

Their five song EP tells a chilling tale in the deep recesses of outer space, but also have a twist of using a sense of inner space as well. The psyche of the characters draws you into a tale of power and conflict that reaches across the universe.

The opening track, “Deep Space”, does just that. It starts of a little funky but then you seem to get sucked through a wormhole sending you to a destination unknown. This ride is relentless and unapologetic. The dark side seems to rise to the occasion and plots its evil ways onto the unseeing cosmos.

Jupiter Hollow CD 2

“Ascending”, seems to be a song of surrender with a sense of failure. It is a short piece but helps bridge this musical journey.  The next song, “Hades Heart”, starts off with the line, Piece to piece, or is it peace to peace. This double-entendre will have you scrambling for new clues to this mental exploration. It definitely has a sense of duality here, especially when you hear the layered vocals. There is a mention of two


beaches and it makes me wonder if these two characters are yelling at each other.

We take to the future in, “Over 50 Years”, it seems these character have survived for 5 decades. There is a sense of anger and frustration. They use the world peace card again, which indicates this is an important process for this recording to enter into.

The final song, “Odyssey”, looks into the sheer horror of this conceptual story. There is a very serious conflict and you are not quite sure what just happened. This final journey comes to a forlorn conclusion and there is that moment of awaiting ones fate.

This EP is filled with a ton of creative ideas and a story that makes you replay it again and again. Jupiter Hollow is a band that you need to follow, especially if you love Progressive Rock. They told me they will be coming out with a full CD soon and will rewrite this story into something even deeper. They even said to disregard this EP when the new CD arrives called, “AHDOMN”. Don’t listen to them this is a great way to discover them and to have the new story should be just as satisfying.

To get more information on this amazing band go to https://www.jupiterhollow.ca/




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