Jully is Back in Black

Jully is Back in Black

Jully Black closed out the Saturday night in Woodbine Park for the Beaches Jazz Festival and simply killed it. This woman has an honesty to her that she shares with everyone in the audience. She speaks of truth, openness and venerability the gives her performance a strong sense of humility. She put a lot of R “N” B energy out there as well as Soul and Pop as well as Rock and Roll.

I will be honest and say I only knew one song from her, but every song carried a message. What made this evening special was her story telling. She threw out her strengths and insecurities to bring this congregation closer together.

I thought this was going to be a top 40 pop song show, and boy was I wrong. She is a fireball of energy. I could even dub her the Toronto Tina Turner. She is the real deal. Her powerful vocals and sense of stage presence kept everyone engaged throughout the whole performance.

The reason I even went to this show is because she belonged to the Jane and Finch corridor. I also grew up near there and I understand that energy, because if is you something that you love and are successful, there come a huge sense of pride that is rewarded to you. Jully truly has a lot of pride and is gracefully humble at the same time. I just can’t wait to see her again.

To see more of her go to… http://jullyblack.ca/

Here are some images from the Jully Black performance:

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