Julian Taylor on Fire

Julian Taylor Band

Written by Joe Taylor

December 25, 2019

It’s Thursday night, the Horseshoe is packed and Sweeter sounds are coming from the back. What is happening is Julian Taylor is out and about and promoting his new release, “Avalanche”.

With songs, like “Back Again”, “Heatwave”, and “Learn to Love”, you simply cannot go wrong. Near the beginning of his set the crowd began chanting to the very clever song, “Just a little bit”. JT did not even have to prompt them, but he did sit back and enjoy everyone’s energy. He knew this crowd came out to see him tonight.

At one point I overheard this woman saying how JT was on fire, and he was. The rest of his band was all in a very solid place. It was obvious by how much they were smiling throughout the evening. They were truly in the pocket.

The only problem with the show was the fact that it flew right by. I thought for sure that I arrived very late, but I grabbed the set list and I showed up halfway through the first song. Well I just learned to savour every sound that JT makes, because it is truly there for only a fleeting moment. Be sure to check out JT’s future shows, those may be fleeting as well.

Here are some images from Julian Taylor’s performance:

His site is https://juliantaylormusic.ca/?fbclid=IwAR3ytIw5QE_mXproKb2ctCNmXhvNCZ18UeaYt0p5BkPb5ipaJnuQG1pRbc0

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