Julian Taylor- Avalanche

Julian Taylor- Avalanche

Hearing Julian speak recently, he is describing his sound as Funk, Soul and Roll. With his new album, “Avalanche”, he is right on the mark. This latest oblation is filled with human emotions and life lessons we all must face now and again. It does not come off as too preachy but has a way of reaching you through osmosis, whether you are dancing or feeling contemplative.

The first two songs are funky with some messages about using your time in this world wisely and recharging your personal energy without being too greedy. Both songs have the word “Take” in the title.

The next song, “Back Again”, should be Julian’s single off this CD. Again learning to recharge in a simple setting and try not to use up too much time to do it is the gentle message for a growing happiness in your life.

There are a couple of darker themes to take into account. One of them is dealing with a flood of emotions when you are not ready to do that, with “Avalanche”. Another would be dealing with the harder lessons in life and how to take it. What you do with it is your own personal journey. Of course no lesson can ever truly be taught until you feel the disparity of the song, “Gone”.

Don’t let these songs bring you down because Julian balances everything quite well, with a great Canadiana road trip song that would do the Tragically Hip proud. There are some fine Canadian references in this song to keep you on the road.

Finally, all I have to say about the last song is, Holy Stevie Wonder, Batman! I guess you will just have to get this new CD and hear it for yourself.

Julian Taylor is one of those unplucked gems that only a few of us lucky ones know about. I am sure as he grows as an artist in creativity and popularity, we won’t mind sharing him with the rest of the world. This Cd will get excellent reviews across the board, no matter where it ends up. It is up to his fans to spread the word and show up at any show he may be putting on. Yes I am talking to the people in the Beaches who wind down at 10 pm. That is the time Julian is gearing up to show us a good time.

 To get Julian’s new CD go to www.juliantaylorband.com and buy it there.

If you are on Facebook go to https://www.facebook.com/thejuliantaylorband/ and find it there.

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