Johnson Crook – EP

Johnson Crook – EP

Let me put this into perspective right away. When you want to start a business, the number 1 rule is location, location, location. If you are in a band called Johnson Crook your number 1 rule is Harmony, harmony, harmony. Johnson Crook just released their self-titled EP, and it should garnish plenty of attention. It only has four songs, but it definitely leaves you frothing for more. You should try to catch them while they are a young and growing band. I caught them in a little place in the beach called Castro’s, and it will be one of those moments I will never forget because when they play larger places, I can enjoy some early memories of this band.

Let’s say if the Eagles were more country sounding and then moved up to Canada, they could be a close cousin to Johnson Crook. What I find interesting is that all four songs seem to set its own boundaries of being lost somehow. Yet the sound that emanates through this foggy delusion is a sound of joy.

Their opening song, Minnedosa is a drunken love letter to a small town in Manitoba. After hearing the lyrics, I bet a lot of Johnson Crook fans are going to help the tourism trade of this place. The town will be booming!

Call me home- simply seems to be a road song, but it has a great haziness to it that will spark feelings of being adrift with the wind blowing you in every direction.

Mr. Nobody- is yet another lost forlorn song that doesn’t bring you down. It comes off as a piece of wisdom, from someone who knows how you feel. Also, this song got some help from a little-known Canadian who knows how to write songs. Mr. Tom Cochrane.

Canada to Heartbreak is a honky tonk rocker that is strutting its stuff right into the wreckage and carnage.  Places, where you and I have been, after all, isn’t that what makes Canada great, the freedom to choose our path, even if we trip and fall a few times.

Johnson Crook have that special quality of taking negative moments and turning them around into learning lessons for every listener’s will. You will surrender your ears, heart and your willingness, just so you can wake up a little happier the next day.

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