Iron Kingdom

20 Questions with Iron Kingdom

Back in November 2019 I had the invitation to see Iron Kingdom and write a ...
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Nailing it with Hammerhands

Blast Toronto has been sitting on the sidelines as Covid slowly sucks the music away ...
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Voracious Words from Devouring Saturn

Devouring Saturn is a very unique band. The two EP’s I have are In Light, ...
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April Wine

April Wine Interview intro.

Lately I was lucky to correspond with Myles Goodwyn from April Wine. Since I am ...
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Let’s meet Maitreya

A while back I was reviewing a punk rock band in the Junction and Mark ...
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Mike Milan Dedic

Blast Toronto speaks with Mike Milan Dedic

Mike Milan Dedic is an Instrumentalist from Toronto. He is an independent artist that has ...
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Alissa Faratro

Spotify-ing our Canadian Talent – Speaking with Alissa Faratro

Hey My Blasttor readers, I had a phone chat recently with a Canadian up and ...
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Anastasia Minster

Chilling with Anastasia Minster

It was a sunny but cold winter’s day when I sat down with a new ...
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Harp Wah

Calling all Harmonica Players

Last week I got to meet a very talented harmonica player named Roly Platt. I ...
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Christina Melanie

The Gypsy Keyboardist

I got down to sit with the very lovely and nice Christina Melanie at a ...
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The Beachles

Having fun with The Beachles

It is a lovely afternoon as I sit with Tony Oldland from The Beachles. This ...
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Steve Horvath

Under Cover with Steve Horvath

Blast Toronto wants its readers to know there is a healthy and wealthy community of ...
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